MassArt visit & lecture

 photos by Scott Bakal

Last month, I was invited to give two lectures at the Massachusetts College of Art and Design by accomplished illustrator/teacher, Scott Bakal.  It was my first time giving lectures and (although a bit nervous) I was thrilled with the experience.  I also gave a bit of a demo showing my painting process for the wild horses painting below.  Thank you so much to Scott and the wonderful students of the MassArt illustration department for welcoming me!  You can read an interview with me here on MassArt's blog.

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Lisa Burger said...

I love your work! I have your plates piece hanging above my kitchen sink, I enjoy it daily! Does it amaze you that your work/ your talent is in others home to be cherished?! I enjoyed the article on you? Do you enjoy any other handcrafts, ie. sewing? That is my hobby, it calms me! Wishing you continued success!
Much Love and Peace,
Lisa B