drawing club #4

new printer

    I finally got my new EPSON printer in the mail this weekend!  The prints that it produces are excellent and I couldn't bee more happy with it.  My etsy shop has been restocked and all requests are now available.

glass bottle rainbow

   -In my bathroom window. Most of these are borrowed from my Dad.


prairie dust

Drawing Club # 3. Lately, I've been thinking I'd like to do some Dust Bowl paintings, so I did this tiny little number in graphite as a practice sketch.


I received this precious little painting from Yelena last week.   Here is is on my nightstand. It looks perfect with the white ceramic hands that I started collecting.


etsy prints

It must look like I have really been slacking on the selection of prints in my etsy shop.  I've had some trouble finding an affordable place to print, so instead, I finally acquired a new EPSON printer of my own.
As soon as it arrives I will restock the shop, but in the meantime I am taking requests.  If you see anything you want  just contact me and I will print it as soon as I can.


drawing club

Here are two new pieces for a drawing exchange that I've joined.  I'll be doing these for the next 6 weeks and sending them to other members.  If you are the one who receives the newest drawing, I'm sorry for spoiling the surprise!


pattern inspiration

   -Inuit patterns that I made a couple of years ago. I think the dogsled pattern is my favorite so far.

   -My new quilt from the local antique fair.  Each of the patterned pieces are so beautiful and bright.

  -A spread from one of my most precious books, Traditional Japanese Small Motif.

written up

There is nice little write up about me on Pikaland right now, that I had no idea about!  Much thanks to Pikaland  for spreading the word about my work and for sharing interest in illustration.


abandoned houses: #1

This very tiny inkwash is only about 3x5 inches.  I'm thinking there will be at least three more of these.