new business cards

    These beautiful cards were designed and letter-pressed by Claire Clayton. I'm so happy with them!


more sleepy hollow

      Katrina Van Tassel & The Headless Horseman


sleepy hollow

This is the first finalized version of the spooky stories series.  I decided to go with watercolor and ink with a little bit of opague paint for texture variation. 
This story is one of my favorites.  It takes place in the dutch settlement of Terry Town, NY in the late 1700s. (Naturally, I couldn't resist doing an outdoor village scene).


Spooky Stories #1: The Body Snatcher

I'm still working out how to approach these, so I think I will consider this a preliminary sketch.
The Body-Snatcher is a short story written in 1884 by Robert Louis Stevenson.    
(Stevenson  also wrote The Strange Case of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde and Treasure Island.)


peter. pan. precious. pretties.

    Finally, this project is complete. For a few weeks I have been filling this little yellow crate with embroideries and such that I have made and gathered to create a collection of peter pan trinkets.