House On Loon Lake

This is a loose little painting I did in my skectchbook, for my favorite episode of This American Life.
It's more or less about the beauty and mystery in the life of everyday objects. In the case of the House on Loon Lake, it's about the mystery of their abandonment.


a stitch in time...

This is a little embroidery sampler I did for class. Cross stitch is my favorite.


Winnesburg, OH #1

    This is the first completed illustration for my senior thesis project.  For the first half of the fall 2009 semester, I will be doing little gouache paintings for the stories in the book Winnesburg, OH.  I fell in love with this book after a friend recommended to me and it is so exciting to get my visuals of it down on paper.


a new sketchbook

    I finally got around to making a new sketchbook. After filling up my old one I decided to make the new one with the same style cover, only this time I used felt and fabric instead of leather.  I embroidered the outside and lined the inside with an old shirt. The grey felt makes it look so cozy. I'm so anxious for cold weather, I just couldn't help it....


more swatches

    I've been making more reference swatches for new projects. I'm so obsessed with these little squares that I made a set for all of my gouache colors right out of the tube.