These are the first three illustrations, (including the cover), of one of my favorite childhood books called, Tatsinda. I am re- illustrating it for class. It is a silly and magical book about a girl on a strange and beautiful mountain. I am looking at a lot of scandinavian folk life as reference for this. The costumes especially are so intricate and beautiful, that I had to draw from them. Also, I love odd decorative plants so I took this as an opportunity to go crazy with them. I think they scanned a little weird. All of the light blue disappeared.


hmmmm. sneakers.



this is for an assignment for lifestyles- a poster illustration for a play about specific vices and virtues. My pairing was invidia (envy) and huannitas (kindness). This is actually 16X23 inches- a lot larger than what I would normally do, but it was fun to work on.