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Etsy Shop

My new online shop is officially open for business. Aside from working on illustration stuff, I also love fibers, in particular knitting and spinning wool. Lately I've been obsessed with hand-spun yarns, and because I now have a beautiful new spinning wheel I can make my own. I'm really exciting to start this little business and hope that people find my shop on Etsy and are interested in buying. My shop is called Circus Pony Wonder Yarn and features quirky hand dyed and spun merino yarns.


a series of images featuring clothing inspired by a merging of eastern european folk costumes and anna sui's sping 09 ready to wear collection



influential favorites

cornelia odonovan
julie morstad
henry darger
camille rose garcia
maxwell loren holyoke hirsch

This is a sample of some of my favorite images from some artists that that I find myself looking at over and over again.